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Presentation of Budget Proposal
FOR FAVOUR OF PUBLICATION Wednesday, December 9, 2009
COMPARE TO THE ORIGINAL TEXT IN HINDI Press Release for RBE for the year 2009-10 & BE
for the year 2010-11 Mr. K.S.Mehra, Municipal Commissioner today presented Revised
Budget Estimates for the year 2009-2010 & Budget Estimates for the year 2010-2011 in
respect of General Wing and Slum & JJ Wing of Municipal Corporation of Delhi before the
Lacs) 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Actuals Actuals BE 2009-10 RE
2009-10 BE 2010-11 2007-08 2008-09 proposed proposed by by
Commissioner Commissioner 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Opening
Balance 90576.79 136177.47 136177.47 88631.15 410.73 Income 328592.40 316596.81
584319.73 496401.70 634674.38 Expenditure 282991.71 364143.14 682846.00 584622.12
632686.59 Closing Balance 136177.47 88631.15 37651.20 410.73
2398.51 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Actual Half
yearly Estimated Revised Estimated Receipt income income Budget income
2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 Estimte 2010-11 2009-10 Proposed A Grants
Grant-in-aid for education from
Govt. 48124.21 13009.24 80000.00 80000.00 80000.00 B Share of Assigned Taxes
B Global Share of Assigned Taxes on recommendation of Delhi Finance Commission
from Govt. 43241.86 746.83 70000.00 56000.00 69000.00 C Internal Revene
Taxes and Rates Property
Tax 47766.55 39289.84 104000.00 90000.00 104000.00 Duty on transfer of
properties 48296.05 17648.55 75000.00 50000.00 75000.00 Tax on Vehicles and
animals 18.43 6.48 67.08 67.08 67.08 Milch Tax and Dog Tax 3.76 2.05 4.25 4.41 5.45
Theatre Tax 17.71 23.14 20.00 12.00 12.00 Tax on
Advertisement 3568.23 1080.75 30000.00 15000.00 30000.00 Tax on Building
Applications 445.66 150.12 800.00 800.00 800.00 Tax on consumption, sale or supply
of electricty 31191.10 10418.91 26000.00 32000.00 33000.00 Tolls
Tax 16323.60 10210.58 18741.58 18741.58 19241.61 Tax on profession, trades
calling 10000.00 and employment Total
Taxes 147631.10 78830.41 254632.91 206625.07 272126.14 Rent, Fees & Fines Law
Receipts and Fines imposed by Mpl. Magistrate 785.40 324.43 694.98 763.01 776.90
Education Fees 29.86 12.14 15.00 17.00 17.00 Fines from cattle
ponds 226.22 95.94 298.97 298.97 181.70 Fees from
Hospitals 145.09 82.78 165.36 165.36 165.36 Fee from rikshaws including compounding
fee 98.95 48.83 167.19 107.00 107.00 Tehbazari
Fees 594.23 239.04 600.00 600.00 600.00 Car Parking
1600.17 842.29 3000.00 3000.00 3000.00 One time parking charges collected by GNCTD
at the time of registration of Vehicles. 5176.49 2763.01 9000.00 9000.00 9000.00
Fines for offences concerning buildings 948.56 650.06 1500.00 1500.00 1500.00 Food
Trade licence 130.18 81.48 120.00 120.00 120.00 General Trade
licence 2.63 1.61 79.48 79.48 79.48 Factory
licence 238.48 197.60 234.27 300.00 260.00 Rent of Markets and slaughter
fee 114.85 80.23 251.45 201.45 201.45 Total Fees &
Fines 10091.11 5419.43 16126.68 16152.26 16008.88 Others Fee from mobile
phone towers 33.89 20.31 186.21 150.00 100.00 Development / Deficiency
Charges 1485.04 540.96 1050.00 1050.00 1050.00 Road Restoration
Charges 9073.79 7524.54 5000.00 9500.00 9500.00 Reimbursement of cost of
administrative charges from different
schemes 10692.82 4861.50 12800.00 12800.00 12800.00 Escrow Account
29434.39 21446.27 30000.00 40000.00 40000.00 Loans 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Other
Misc. income 16788.62 4110.53 114523.93 74124.36 134089.35 Total
others 67508.53 38504.09 163560.14 137624.36 197539.35 Total
Income 316596.81 136510.01 584319.73 496401.70 634674.38 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 How
one Rupee was earned 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Grants 12.60 paise Share of
Assigned Taxes 10.87 paise Taxes and Rates 42.88 paise Rent, Fees &
Fines 2.53 paise Others 31.12 paise 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Total
Income 100.00 paise 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 How one rupee is spent in
2010-11 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Expenditure In paise
覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 General
Administration 13.62 Paise Licensing 0.11 Paise Community
Services 2.99 Paise Education 22.79 Paise Public Health & Medical
Relief 13.39 Paise Sanitation 13.34 Paise Public Works & Street lighting (Engg.
Dept) 15.64 Paise Veterinary Services 0.90 Paise Horticulture 3.27 Paise Land &
Estate 0.49 Paise Exclusive Development Expenses 6.74 Paise Loan
repayments 6.72 Paise 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Total 100.00 Paise 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 The
Budget at Glance Part I (Slum Wing) (Figures in lacs of
Rupees) 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Particulars Actual
Actual Budget Revised Budget 2007-08 2008-09 Estimate Estimates Estimates 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Opening
Balance 4713.38 4767.74 169.83 7487.74 202.32 Income 60340.97 50786.46 72217.70 43827.49 52258.90 Total 65054.35 55554.20 72387.53 51315.23 52461.22 Expenditure 60286.61 48066.46 72232.12 51112.91 52252.96 Closing
Balance 4767.74 7487.74 155.41 202.32 208.26 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧猶art II
(J.J.R. Wing) 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Particulars Actual
Actual Budget Revised Budget 2007-08 2008-09 Estimate Estimates Estimates 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 Opening
Balance 234.04 122.06 317.94 594.54 102.54 *73.41 Income 3759.28 2596.71 4459.88 1640.00 2443.00 Total 3993.32 2792.18 4777.82 2234.54 2545.54 Expenditure 3871.26 2197.64 4737.00 2132.00 2389.68 Closing
Balance 122.06 594.54 40.82 102.54 155.86 *73.41 覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧覧 EXPENDITURE
AT A GLANCE Expenditure Actual Budget Revised Budget %age on %age on %age
on Expenditure Estimate BE Estimate Actual BE BE 2008-09 2009-10 2009-10 2010-11 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 Proposed
by Proposed by Commissioner Commissioner General
Administration 41625.77 97523.08 83228.27 86175.02 11.43% 14.24% 13.62% Licensing 263.29 656.58 656.10 707.57 0.07% 0.11% 0.11% Community
Services 11413.55 33800.73 13971.93 18899.21 3.13% 2.39% 2.99% Education 66553.38 117855.02 123120.16 144176.51 18.28% 21.06% 22.79% Public
Health & Medical
Relief 36063.74 75428.68 75811.31 84726.34 9.90% 12.97% 13.39% Sanitation 61046.01 92032.75 83522.60 84426.26 16.76% 14.29% 13.34% Public
Works & Street Lighting (Engg.
Dept) 66794.12 100797.54 107164.56 98954.94 18.34% 18.33% 15.64% Veterinary
Services 3282.34 5322.75 5378.03 5674.86 0.90% 0.92% 0.90% Horticulture 14397.10 25144.94 20392.32 20689.27 3.95% 3.49% 3.27% Land
& Estate 1069.95 2997.59 3058.27 3110.49 0.29% 0.52% 0.49% Exclusive Development
Expenses 16323.04 88741.83 25713.63 42658.61 4.48% 4.40% 6.74% Loan
repayments 45310.84 42544.51 42604.94 42487.51 12.44% 7.29% 6.72% Total 364143.14 682846.00 584622.12 632686.59 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% UNIT
AREA VALUES Category A B C D E F G H Unit Area Values (in Rs./Per Sq.
metre) 630 500 400 320 270 230 200 100 Existing: Residential Rate of Tax
(%) 10 10 10 10 10 6 6 6 Proposed: Residential Rate of Tax
(%) 15 15 15 15 15 11 11 11 (b) Non-residential properties including Schools, Hoardings
and Towers but not including Hotels of 3 star category and above, Malls, Air-Conditioned
Gyms, Clubs with Swimming Pools, Guest Houses, Banquet Halls and Coaching Centers Coaching
more than 50 students. The rate of tax shall be 15% of the annual value of the vacant land
or part thereof or covered space of the building self occupied and 20% for rented
properties under 但, 腺, 舛, 船 薦, 詮, 賎 & 践 categories. (c)
Non-residential properties not included (b) above and including hotels of 3 star category
and above, Malls, Air-Conditioned Gyms, Clubs with Swimming Pools, Guest Houses, Banquet
Halls and Coaching Centers Coaching more than 50 students. The rate of tax shall be 20% of
the annual value of the vacant land or part thereof or covered space of the building under
但, 腺, 舛, 船 薦, 詮, 賎 & 践 categories. As per the DMC Act, 1957, seven
discretionary taxes can be imposed. MCD is imposing only two taxes so far viz. toll tax
and electricity tax. It is proposed to introduce Professional Tax from the next year. It
is already being imposed in nearly all the states of the country. In most of the cities,
it is being imposed at the minimum income or salary of Rs. 5000. But we are proposing to
increase it from the income of Rs. 30,000 and above. The tax would be minimum @ Rs.100
per month and maximum @ Rs.200 per month. It is expected that the increase would yield an
income of Rs. 100 crores, which would be invested in the improvement of the civic
services. The most important aspect is that our entire non-plan income is from our
own resources. Secondly, it is based on real estimates. The non-realizable income has
been excluded from the calculation. Thirdly, in order to meet out our expenditure, we
have not borrowed any loan either from Delhi or the Central Govt. The projection of
actual income will lead to controlled expenditure resulting in better fiscal management.
Our proposed estimated income for 2009-10 is Rs. 5843.19 crores, which has been revised to
Rs. 4964.01 crores. The revised expenditure is Rs.5846 crores. This includes the opening
balance of Rs. 886 crores. We will leave an opening balance of Rs. 410 lacs. During
2010-11, the income is proposed to be Rs. 6347 crores and expenditure Rs. 6327 crores.
After taking into account the opening balance, we shall be left with Rs.24 crores as
closing balance. It is proposed to earmark greater allocation of funds on different
service heads. A glance at the tables will give idea about the allocation on different
services. The expenditure on different heads out of Rupee One would make an interesting
reading. Double Entry Accounting System Though the double entry accounting system
was introduced in MCD in the year 2002-03, the preparation of the financial statements
under the double entry accounting were pending since 2005-06. During the span of one year
from September 2008, it was able to prepare the financial statements for the years
2005-06, 2006-07 & 2007-08 after verifying the expenditures at zonal and divisional level.
While presenting the budget before the Standing Committee last year, I promised that the
financial statements of MCD under double entry accounting would be using the best
practices of international standard. The financial statement of urban local body is
internationally known as Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The CAFR of MCD is
prepared in the standards acceptable to the international community. Within the next one
year, MCD endeavours to complete preparation of the up-to-date CAFR of the remaining
years. As to bring in more accountability, CAFR of the 12 Zones have been also prepared
separately for the first time and have been consolidated into the CAFR of MCD. This will
enable MCD to assess the financial strength and activities of every individual zone
separately. Municipal Assets are created, acquired or gifted. Through these financial
data, the assets created or acquired during the respective years are identified and have
been used to reconcile the assets shown in the CAFR. Monitorine dishonoured cheques The
dishonoured cheques received against municipal revenue are processed by the concerned
zones and departments separately. This year, a centralised system has been initiated for
monitoring the dishonoured cheques at HQ level. The Zonal treasuries and CSBs are provided
with slips containing unique numbers that is used for daily remittance. This number will
help to track the source of cheque if dishonoured. A separate cell for this purpose will
be created at HQ which will work on the data ITom the bank statement (MIS). This will
enable us to ensure that due action is taken against every bounced instrument, which will
also act as a deterrent in future. New security oriented receipt books (G8) The receipt
books (G8 receipts) used to collect municipal revenue are printed in the municipal press.
The risk of duplicate receipt books in circulation was very high because mpl. press in not
equipped with facilities for printing receipt books with security features. MCD, w.e.f.
1-10-2009 has introduced new receipt books with security features printed by security
press that cannot be ordinarily duplicated by any ordinary printer. The original receipt
is featured with erasable ground printing which is similar to security available in cheque
books issued by banks. Financial Management through discipline I may
reiterate what I said last year, "financial discipline is the key for better financial
management". Many steps were taken to introduce financial discipline in MCD with fruitful
results. The purchases of new vehicles were curbed. Old and un-productive vehicles that
were causing huge expenses on maintenance were taken off the road and auctioned. With the
introduction of bio-metric attendance system, there had been a paradigm shift in work
culture in MCD. Employees are attending the office in time, thereby leading to increase in
work out-put and reduction in late sitting and consequently overtime
allowance. Installation of pre-paid electrical meters in municipal buildings has led to
reduction in the consumption of electric energy. The meters are constantly monitored by
the concerned officials for ensuring adequate balance while also keeping a check on
possible misuse. As part of financial management, revenue continues to be generated
through short-term investment of available fund. RTGS for oavment to contractors With
ECS payment of salary and wages already in place, RTGS (real time gross settlement) was
introduced this year for the payment to contractors where the money is credited directly
to contractor's bank account by the concerned divisional officers. By this system the HQ
transfer money directly to the divisional bank account through RTGS which is settled in
real time. This had reduced the time consumed in transferring money from HQ to Zone, Zone
to Division and Division to contractor which were initially done through cheque. 1. Door
to Door collection of MSW: Introduction of door to door collection of MSW in Shahdara
(North) & Shahdara (South) Zone through Private Concessionaires. The Municipal
Corporation of Delhi proposes to extend the door-to-door collection of garbage through
private concessionaires in Shahdara (North) & Shahdara (South) Zone, in this financial
year 2009-10, as its Pilot Project for collection of garbage in C.L.Zone and Rohini Zone
is most likely to be successful. The department needs Rs. 57.00 Crores during financial
year 2010-11. 2. Reclamation of Existing land Fill Sites: At present three SLF sites
[dump sites] are in operation in Bhalswa, Ghazipur & Okhla (i) Reclaiming of Slf site{S)
by excavating. Segregating the existing waste. MCD has already sent a proposal to
Planning Commission to allocate budgetary support to a project in respect of reclamation
of Land Fill Site (s) at Ghazipur through Chief Secretary, GNCTD. The department would,
thus, need Rs 00.00 Crores during this financial year 2009-10 and Rs 75.00 Crores during
financial year 2010-11. (ii) Baling System: The OEMS is in a process of undertaking the
work of baling of MSW/waste at Gazipur site. The method can be used for compression of
waste. The waste shall be compressed and rapped into the PVC sheets. The compressed/rapped
waste shall have no excess to the water and air, therefore will not bio-degrade [aerobic
or anaerobic) further. There will be no smell and leachate formation. The compressed
waste will help in reclaiming of the SLF site(s), means the cylindrical bales of the waste
can be stored one above the other [upto any height] and can be easily transferred from one
place to other for the purposes like: making of marginal band etc. The proposal has been
sent to DIMMTS Ltd. [Delhi Integrated Multi-Model Transit System Ltd.], a joint venture of
Govt. of NCT Delhi and IDFC Ltd. to examine its technical feasibility. 3. Deep
Collection System: "Molok" a Finland based company has presented its proposal for Deep
Collection System in Delhi. The Company has successfully implemented the system in China
and other countries of the world. Under this system: The Waste Storage Depot shall be
constructed underground; having inlet from above the ground level. The department would,
thus, need Rs 05.00 Crores during this financial year 2009-10 and Rs 10.00 Crores during
financial year 2010-11. 4. Hiring of Mechanical Sweeper(s): Due to the movement of
vehicles and pedestrians on road(s), service lane(s), central verge(s) and footpath(s),
there is an accumulation of loose materials/debris/rubbish such as i.e. leaves fallen
right side of the carriage way and over the footpath & central verge. The work shall
consist of picking, removal and disposal of loose materials/debris/rubbish deposited' on
or along the road, service lane, central verge and footpath, cutting of vegetation -
maintenance of green area, as necessary by the Contractor, at least once [or more [even
during day time), as per requirement of site] in a day. (i) Street sweeping through
Mechanical Means: The OEMS is .under process of finalisation of tenders in respect of
Sweeping of Roads having Right of Way (ROW) ~ 100 feet, with in the jurisdiction of MCD,
by deploying Mechanical Sweeper(s) of required capacity [first phase]. MCD will require
about Rs 10.00 Crores per year. (ii) Mechanical sweeping of roads having right of way ~
60 feet but less than 100 feet: The MCD proposes to undertake mechanical sweeping of
roads having right of way >_ 60 feet but less than 100 feet by hiring the mechanical
sweepers. MCD will require about Rs 10.00 Crores per year. (iii) Mechanical sweeping of
roads in commercial areas: The MCD proposes to undertake mechanical sweeping of roads in
commercial areas by hiring the mechanical sweepers. MCD will require about Rs 5.00 Crores
per year. The main areas are Hospital Information System, Engineering Department
Information System, e-Tendering , Property Tax Information System It is noted that three
IT projects of MCD has been appreciated at National level by different Forum. The
Registration of Births and Deaths System got appreciation award by the RGI &. Property Tax
Information System got the award in 2008. The Hospital Information System (HIS) has got
National Award bye-India at Hyderabad in August 2009. Since the aforementioned
initiatives are department specific and operate 1'1 isolation and these non integrated
applications do not provide consolidated reports for the top management for proper
monitoring and the data captured IS not harnessed In an effective manner., MCD has
undertaken a comprehensive exercise to implement ICT based e-Governance solution across
the organization in order to harness the power of ICT Platform for 'its vision "As a
socially committed. technology driven. professionally managed and forward looking
organization". This will also streamline its processes and increase efficiency and
effectiveness of citizen services. The ICT based e-Governance is also aimed to bring in
transparency and sustainability of the processes and systems. Health Sector: Some of the
major accomplishments of the Health department during the current Financial year: 1.
Establishment of separate Emergency Gynae & Obstetric Casualty, Addition of 2 advance
life support Ambulances in Hindu Rao Hospital. ICU is being upgraded with Addition of 4
Beds and latest equipment in Hindu Rao Hospital. 2. Hindu Rao Hospital has been
designated as Primary response hospital for Commonwealth games. For this purpose Hospital
is setting up 02 Health centres and 04 Health Posts at Delhi University stadium and Hindu
College. As the Hospital is declared Nodal hospital for Disaster management in North
District, all departments are being upgraded with latest equipment and additional
resources. 3. 16 bedded out born NICU and Out born Nursery is being established in Hindu
Rao Hospital in 2010. Permission to start three year degree course in BSC ML T in Hindu
Rao Hospital has already been obtained and the Course is likely to start in 2010. 4.
Construction of New OPD block and 120 Bedded ward is progressing well in SDN
Hospital. 5. Services in GLM Hospital have been upgraded after major renovation of the
hospital. It is planned to convert this hospital into General Hospital with 250 Beds. 6.
Video bronchography has been started in RBIPMT Lab has been upgraded with PCR Technology
in MVID Hospital. 7. Central Medical gas pipeline is being installed in SDN Hospital and
RBIPMT. 8. Water supply and sewage system 'is being augmented in Phased manner in SDN
and.Hindu Rao Hospitals. 9. Nursing Schools are being established in RBIPMT and SDN
Hospitals. 10. Up gradation of HDU. Blood Bank and gynae wards has been carried out in
Kasturba Hospital. It is proposed to start out born nursery. 11. HIS has been installed
in all major hospitals and now it is planned to extend this to colony hospitals,
polyclinics and maternity hospitals. Work is progressing on installing IDMS for better
drug management. A number of New health facilities have been added in the current year
including - 1. Polyclinics at Narela, Alipur and Nangloi have been started. It is
proposed to start new dispensary at Kasturba nagar shortly. 2. Homeopathic dispensary
started at Jahangirpuri. It is proposed to start new dispensary at Keshavpuram in next few
months. 3. Unani dispensaries opened at vishwas Nagar Shahdra and Okhla Phase II. It is
also proposed to start three more dispensaries at Jhilmil, Lalbagh and Najafgarh. In the
continuing process of strengthening and up-gradation 'of facilities a number of new items
have been purchased for various MCD Hospitals including - ECG Machines, Hemo-dialysis
machine, 500 mA x-ray machine, Air Purifier System, Minimally Invasive Procedure, Cardiac
Monitors, Laparoscopic Gynae Instruments, Library cum seminar room furnishing items,
Anesthesia Consumables, ILR refrigerator, Percutaneous pulse oximeter, Rhinoplasty
instruments, Oil based heat radiators, Ultra Sound Machines, Anesthesia Work Stations,
Video bronchoscope, Vacuum Air System Pipe Line for OT & Ward, Linear Peristaltic
Volumetric Pump, furniture for Pathology department, USG Linear Probe, Electrical Vacuum
for delivery, Operative Laparoscope with accessories, OT Lights etc. Future Plans _ 1.
It is planned to establish a Medical including Medical College with Superspeciality
Hospital near RBIPMT. The project shall be executed on PPP Basis. 2. It is planned to
construct c:t Super specialty block in Hindu Rao Hospital at an estimated cost of Rs 160
Crores. In addition all National Health Programs .and Schemes are being implemented.
These Include- Disease control programs like Vector Born disease control, Water borne
disease control, Prevention of Blindness, HIV Control, Pulse Polio etc. Jananai
Suraksha Yojna which provides monetary benefit to women from BPL and SC/ST sections for
institutional Delivery. MAMTA scheme which provides facilities for delivery in
designated private Hospitals free of cost to BPL and SC/ST Women. The focus of Services
remains poor and vulnerable sections of public, women and older sections of
public. *****